Tell her you love her when she is wearing her best dress on your dinner date together. Let her know that she looks so glamorous with her red lipstick on. Tell her you love her when she just got off from her bed while her hair is still frizzy and her eyes are still puffy. Let her know that she’s beautiful without any make-up on.

Tell her you love her when she is so excited telling a story about her day. Let her know that you will never get tired of listening to her no matter what she tells you. Tell her you love her when she is so angry about something or someone. Calm her down and let her know that she can vent all her rants to you if she wants to given that after it, she will feel better.

Tell her you love her whenever it is 2pm and she’s giving you the corniest joke ever. Laugh with it and make her smile even more. Tell her you love her when it is 2am and she’s breaking down because of frustrations that she has no control over. Hold her close and let her know that you will never leave her as she tries to get herself back together.

Tell her you love her whenever she’s being jealous. Let her know that others could be more beautiful than she is but they could not replace her in your life. Tell her you love her whenever she’s angry at you because of yet another fight. Say sorry and kiss her just to let her know that you won’t give up on her no matter how hard the challenges are.

Tell her you love her when she’s happy and when she’s sad. Tell her you love her when she’s sober or when she’s drunk. Tell her you love her when she’s herself and when she can’t remember who she is.

Just tell her you love her every time you get the chance and prove it all the time.

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Experience AGAIN What a True Summer Meet Up is All About! ;)


Experience AGAIN What a True Summer Meet Up is All About! ;)





So, why are we, the organizers, still pushing The Summer Amazing Meet Up for its third year this 2014?

TSAMU 2014
11:00 a.m., May 22, 2014
Chinese Garden, Luneta Park, Manila


Nakalimutan ko na yung 1st nito pero. WATEVS. HAHAHA. PUNTA NA PIPOL!

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Think happy. Stay happy. <3 #igersmanila #picoftheday #photooftheday #summer

Think happy. Stay happy. <3 #igersmanila #picoftheday #photooftheday #summer

This is so me. Lol. #igersmanila #instadaily

This is so me. Lol. #igersmanila #instadaily

I still check on you

No matter what happened between us, or how long its been since we last talked, I still care, I wanna know how you’re doing and feeling. I don’t stalk you but just enough to know you’re okay because you’re still that person I miss and the person who will always be in my heart.

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I love seeing people walking by with little smiles on their face because something small happened that made them happy. Maybe they got a cute text, maybe they got laid, maybe they killed a man. You will never know.

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Maybe we should not get our hopes up. Maybe it is just better for us to wait for things to come. Maybe we can save our emotions for when things happen. Maybe we can just invest our feelings when things are actually taking shape before our eyes. It might be better that way because the more we hope and wait for what seems to be a wonderful promise, the harder it becomes for us and the more painful it gets in the end. Or maybe we can just avoid people who make us wait in vain and hope for the hopeless. Yes, maybe that.

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It’s been a while since I posted something real or some sort of an update about my life and I don’t know how to start so I’ll make this real quick. Yay!

I think the good thing about having no voice is that, (Aside from not going to work. Hihi.) I had a lot of sleep these past few days. Fuck yeah. And my mom took the chance. She’s now on a vacation with her colleagues. Great. Eat-sleep-think about the future-sleep. I’m so much in love with this routine since Friday. I was also able to read some posts from my favorite bloggers. And I think ito lang gagawin ko hanggang wednesday. Good. Goooood. 

Anyhow, good evening everyone!

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A Take on Love


Love does not only take one form for everyone. It shifts a lot, it differs, it signifies, and when love finds its proper place in you, then it would be the most beautiful kind of love.

Love is not always about holding hands, and being romantically sweet. It does not require kisses nor cuddles nor sexual innuendos and so on. Love can differ. It can be that long talk with an old friend who knows you. It can be the warm shrug that tells you to never give up. It can be that sweet gift from someone. It can be acceptance and forgiveness. It can be being there no matter what. It can be the moments under the same set of stars. It can be the long night walks, or the laughter over sadness. Love is an emotion but its manifestations differ, and it depends on what you need, on where you are happy, on what complements you.

Love never completes. It complements. And that is the most beautiful kind of love.

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